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Artist Peter Sax
Title Evolution
Release Date Friday, April 10, 2015
Genre Pop > Dance-Pop
Copyright © Music Visions Austria

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Evolution - The 1st International Album of Peter Sax

Evolution - a word which has a strong meaning and this is why it was chosen as the title of the 1st International album of Peter Sax. By chosing this title Peter Sax and his team understood what pressure they were putting on themselves."Working on Peter's album was not an easy thing, we had different factors to take into consideration, we had to mix both what Peter likes as music and combine it to make it more accessible to the type of audience we were targeting including radio and the clubs. Even before starting on the music, considerable work had to be done about fixing the direction the album was going" quoted Jean Sebastien Permal, A&R and Creative Consultant of Peter Sax. Peter understood that this album will bring a complete change to himself as he wanted people to realize the true artist Peter is. "Some people see me only as a saxophone player, but the saxophone is just part of me. I am before anything a singer who performs with a saxophone similar to others who perform with a guitar ... i am just more saxy than them" commented Peter Sax. "Following the release last year of Peter's single Saxy, we understood the different markets where the song was release like GSA, France, Scandinavia and Spain. People are attracted to Peter as a singer and saxophone player which is very unique. They are very surprised to see the same person singing and playing saxophone, so after we understood this we decided to launch with the new song to bring him to a more international level and bring on international collaborators to this new album" said Katrin Schwingenschlögl, Marketing and Communication Manager of Music Visions GmH.Wanting to do something international we had no choice but to bring in big international collaborators from around the world as co-writers and producers for Peter album. Here is the list of writers and producers who contributed to this album : Mathew Tasa (Xavier Naidoo, Raphael Diaz, Klaas, etc)John Scott ( Nicole Scherzinger, Esmee Denters , Kat Deluna, etc)Kriss Raize (Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne, Mobombi)Leticia Ascencio (Tyra Banks, Kat Deluna, Victoria Beckham Coming to America)Bernhard Wittgruber (Rene La Taupe, One Un1ted)Johnny Matrix (B Skyes, Craig Smart)Peter wanted to try also something different which he has not done before...having other singers than him on his music so as to combine the energy and create a proper musical experience. So the team decided that on 3 songs from the album Peter would feature artists from each one of 3 different continents - David Celine from Mauritius, Africa, Joe Blind from Germany, Europe and the beautiful Desiree Estrada from the USA. No more talking ... buy the album and get a taste for yourself.

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