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Artist Udo Hoelscher
Title Grounded
Release Date 2018-01-24
Genre Rock > Rock > Classic Rock
Copyright © Udo Hölscher

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About me...

I was born in 1963 in Rheine (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) and seem to have inherited some musical genes from my family. I have started singing and playing guitar in 1979 and founded my first band with my brother on drums. Over the years until now (currently playing with my wife in EVAS BLUES BAND) fame has always eluded us, but it was always the best little band in the world.
Along with playing in a band I also compose and write lyrics, but only a few of my songs were published. Apart from that it costs a lot of money to record in a studio. Some years ago I established my own small and private (Home-recording) studio when the technical capabilities made it possible with Hard-Disk recording and Digital Audio workstations. However, I found I had no inspiration for new songs, then suddenly in 2014 (combined with some strong emotional experiences) all the music I hide inside broke out and I composed a lot of tunes and 14 were published on my first album SCRIPTED REALITY available only as a download on stores like iTunes, Google play, Amazon, Spotify and many more.
In 2015 I made a second album "BACK & FORTH" in the same mood as the first and with 16 songs telling the end of this story.

Still I had so much more to say and summarized it 2016 in a third album "HOTEL HEADROOM".
How can I describe my musical style? It is not "music for musicians" with complicated song structures and endless guitar solos. When I mention some of my musical influences like Jeff Lynne, Jackson Browne or Justin Currie, I don't copy their sound, but rather it shows my love of catchy melodies and emotional and honest lyrics. I've found in my songs what I have been searching for: Myself, my style and my way to picture what is going on.

My next album "GROUNDED" is now ready to go showing I am back on earth and representing the harder rock side of me. Perhaps I will go on stage with my music but the effort will be very high because I need a lot of musicians to support me. But I am lucky playing in EVAS BLUES BAND.


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