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Gudiya Rani

Artist Udit Shandilya
Title Gudiya Rani
Release Date 2018-03-08
Genre Pop > Pop
Copyright © DRecords
Country INDIA

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Gudiya Rani

DRecords presents a new track called " Gudiya Rani' on Women's Day in which girl child value is being aggressively advocated by youtube cover star Udit Shandilya. DRecordsrun by Daler Mehndi and Taran Kaur Mehndi believes every girl child must be preserved, cherished and nurtured. Through this song, they intend to create a happy place for every child to feel celebrated where they are treated equally. What is required in society today is a change of attitude and DRecords promotes these sentiments through their song 'Gudiya Rani'.

'Gudiya Rani' song has been composed, sung and written by Udit Shandilya, who started his career at an early age and has been trained in Indian classical music. Along with being a pro guitarist and pianist, Udit has a passion for composing and writing songs that touch people heart. The video features kids selected through Facebook by running a contest and reaching out to Mothers who have the same value. It is incredible how every child who'd never been in a music video (youngest - Mahira being - 8 months old) cooperated with enthusiasm and smiles throughout the shoot.

The perspective of entertainment and music is a tad different for D Records. Just like Daler Mehndi, he the world dance to his music without using any crass words.
He advocated throughout this journey the importance of a great environment (both the inner and the outer) - the outside one (which he promotes by impressing upon people to plant trees, grow organic food and take care of Indian Desi Cows) and the Internal environs (by steering clear of any substance abuse - he is a teetotaller and advocates people to stay away from alcohol/drugs, use of good words - in music, spreading LOVE). Under this record, they get their artists to endorse a cause that is dearest to their heart and making them pledge that they will work for it as long as they make music.


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