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The Cry of the Earth

Artist Toni Day Vision
Title The Cry of the Earth
Release Date 2014-11-26
Genre Rock > Rock > Progressive Rock
Copyright © VAM-United Records

Promotion Text

Did you ever heard the Earth Crying?!

An innocent child, left out from the game of the dreams,from the smile of a warm embrace,starts his travels through war,in a world corrupted and destroyedby hatred, desperate and lost,among innocent screamsand thunders of war,among bomb explosions, earthquakes andbattles and the scared voices of unaware peoplethat the future world doesn’t have. Meanwhile, the Earth, dying,now exudes much more bloodand terror.And the child? As an adult, he doesn’t dream, doesn’t pray, doesn’t cry. He just asks himself why. Why can’t this world, devastated by hatred, by hostile people and lurking enemies, find justice and true love? Why can’t this world lacerated by hatredHear the cry of the Earth that dies? And the Child, now adult in Time, starts to play those cries for helpcries of an innocent Earth that perhaps doesn’t have a future. But remember, Man. You live just an instantIn the eternity of Time, so offer your children an Earth, that won’t be yours.

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