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Artist Tina Davis
Title "Mouth"
Release Date 2014-08-27
Genre Reggae > Pop-Reggae
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NEWS!!! D-Voice Records - NEWS!!! New Release, The Hit "MOUTH" by TINA DAVIS

"MOUTH" by Tina Davis Lead Vocals: Tina Davis/.Music and Lyrics: Merril Bainbridge/.Backing Vocals: Tina Davis/.Keyboards: Leroy Skeete Davis/.Produced, Arranged and Mixed by Leroy Skeete Davis for D-Voice Records and S.A.L. Musicproduction/.Mastered by Leroy Skeete Davis and Folke Jensen/.Recorded at the S.A.L. Musicstudio/."MOUTH" by Tina Davis....TINA DAVIS... At the age of 6 Tina started playing the flute. Soon after this, she learnt some chords on her guitar, and began singing to her own accompaniment. She was the vocalist of the school band, and at one occasion was even invited to perform on a popular local television show. After leaving school and finishing studies in Business Management, Tina Davis gathered experiences doing studio recordings and live gigs in her free time. Enjoy, "MOUTH" by Tina Davis.....In German:...TINA DAVIS... Bereits mit sechs Jahren erhielt sie Sopran-, Altquerflöten- und Gitarrenunterricht. Während ihrer Schulzeit war TINA DAVIS Sängerin und Gitarristin in einer Schulband. Es folgten unzählige Auftritte in verschiedenen Städten, u.a. bei Kirchenveranstaltungen. Danach zog es TINA DAVIS nach Hamburg, um sich musikalisch weiter zu entwickeln. Während ihrer Ausbildung als Kauffrau sammelte sie viele Erfahrungen in der Studio- und Musikszene. Tina machte ihre ersten TV-Auftritte bei Sendern wie NDR und RTL, aber auch Aufnahmen in großen Musik-Studios wie Star Studio, Chamäleon, Ultraschall und Studio 33, in Hamburg.Auch in den Bereichen Presse- & Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Verlagswesen (Schacht Musikverlage, Hamburg) war sie aktiv und eignete sich das für eine Künstlerkarriere erforderliche Know-How an.----© S.A.L. Musikproduktion.---Info: Leroy Skeete DavisLeroy Skeete Davis is known for his fantastic and unique Piano Keyboard Style, as well as his Arrangements. Very active and successful as a Live and Studio Musician until the the late 90´s with (Boney´M, Lian Ross, Modern Talking, Thomas Anders,Carl Douglas, Irma Franklyn and Arthur Conley, Papa Curvin, Charles D. Lewis, among others.) The most successful Song which Leroy Skeete Davis has worked on is “ You´re My Heart, You´re My Soul” by Modern Talking (The duo Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders). Number 1. in many countries. Leroy Skeete Davis arranged and played all keyboards and piano on that track. The fantastic piano melody was his idea for the intro of the song. Leroy also created and played the piano melodies of three other songs of the Album...“There´s Too Much Blue In Missing You“, „Bells of Paris“ and the smashing hit “You Can Win, If You Want”. The true Modern Talking sound. The German version of “You´re My Heart, You´re My Soul”, "Ich bin stark, nur mit dir" by Mary Roos, also was a TOP-10 Hit in Germany.---© S.A.L. Musikproduktion.-----As Songwriter and Producer: Leroy Skeete Davis´s first successes began in the 80´s with songs from Lian Ross and „Creative Connection“. In the 80´s two songs co/written by Luis Rodriguez and Leroy Skeete Davis were winners of Song Festivals. Leroy Skeete Davis also Co-Produced and Arranged the smashing version of “You´re My Heart, You´re My Soul ” by Creative Connection. ---Leroy Skeete Davis is also known as, and appeared on previous recordings as Lee Davis, Fauntle, Fauntleroy, Lee Davis Jr., Leroy Skeete, L. Skeete Davis, Leroy S. Davis, Leroy Skeete D, L. Davis, F. S. Davis.---For more information see Facebook, Discogs,, Youtube, Twitter, or other sites.---Follow and enjoy the new releases of D-Voice Records. --© D-Voice Records 8.2014

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