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Heat Wave

Artist The Vagoos
Title Heat Wave
Release Date 2017-03-31
Genre Rock > Rock > Indie Rock
Copyright © Off Label Records

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The Vagoos - Heat Wave

garage, rock'n'roll
12 new songs ... also available on vinyl (off label records, OLR 67)

THE VAGOOS are four young delinquents from a boring small town in the deep center of the conservative swamplands of Bavaria/Germany. From their early days on they`ve been hangin out at the rehearsal room, which used to be the bassplayer`s living room located in the building complex of the local brewery, distilling their own vision of fast & rough Garage Rock n Roll: Loud and annoying Fuzz Guitars, slippery drippin wet surf strings, wild & out of control drums and a freaked out bass! The Vagoos never cared about any hip-scene shit - they leave you dancing and shouting your miserable soul out of your miserable body with a big grin on your face!


2017 -- Heat Wave [12" vinyl] | off label records
2016 -- 2 Albums 1 Cassette (Love You / Acid Punk) | wiener records
2015 -- Love You [10" blue vinyl] | off label records
2014 -- The Vagoos [12" vinyl] | off label records
2011 -- The Devil / Hard Times [7" single]


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01.04.2017 DAZIBAO, Tortona [IT]
07.04.2017 LA SALLE GUEULE, Marseille [FR]
08.04.2017 LE PULPE, Reignier-Ésery [FR]
13.04.2017 PACIFIC PARC, Amsterdam [NL]
21.04.2017 MAGAZINE CLUB, Valencia [ES]
22.04.2017 BAFO DE BACO, Loulé [PT]
23.04.2017 ROTERDÃO CLUB, Lisbon [PT]
27.04.2017 LA TRIANGU, Sopela [ES]
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10.05.2017 FULFORD ARMS, York [UK]
13.05.2017 WESTGARTH SOCIAL CLUB, Middlesbrough [UK]
20.05.2017 BLO-ATELIERS, Berlin [DE]
26.05.2017 TIKOLOR, Erfurt [DE]
27.05.2017 GOLDGRUBE, Kassel [DE]
18.05.2017 KLUNKERKRANICH, Berlin [DE]
08.05.2017 FIDDLER'S ELBOW, London [UK]
05.05.2017 MELODY MAKER, Rennes [FR]
02.04.2017 B-FOLK, Roma [IT]
04.05.2017 EL CHICHO, Bordeaux [FR]
31.03.2017 ASTA, Rosenheim [DE]
15.04.2017 JUNKYARD // WORM, Rotterdam [NL]
24.06.2017 INDIEBASE, Bad Aibling [DE]
26.04.2017 CAFÉ LA PALMA, Madrid [ES]
30.05.2017 QUARTIER GÉNÉRAL, Paris [FR]
12.05.2017 THE CAPTAIN COOK INN, Staithes [UK]
23.05.2017 ROTER TURM, Wasserburg [DE]
25.05.2017 SCHUTZRAUM, Töging [DE]
21.07.2017 RAUT OAK FEST, Riegsee [DE]
19.05.2017 PLAQUE, Leipzig [DE]
24.05.2017 POGO Skatehouse, Löwenstein [DE]
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