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First Album

Artist The Fugs
Title First Album
Release Date 2018-09-15
Genre Rock > Punk > Polit-Punk
Copyright © Fugs Records

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Post-Beatnik era. It began on Bleeker Street and it began with the Fugs.

If you think you know all about the so-called "Counter Culture" post-Beatnik bunch of musicians, poets and political activists, and you've never heard of, listened to, or read the book Fug You by Sanders aka Tuli Kupferberg, treat yourself to the book, if you can find it and the music. Sanders understands what was really and truly at work when people began writing poetry that doesn't rhyme, dressing as we pleased and raising hell on the streets when necessary to influence social change. It didn't start with GINSBERG, folks!! It began on Bleeker Street and it began with the Fugs. Most of us old Fuggers are getting creaky, but none of us is dumb enough to swallow the political hype coming down in 2013. Sadly we're unlikely to live long enough to re-create a true civilization here in the United States of America. You see, Fuggers know that you don't achieve change by hating. Political Correctness causes you to grow into a liar. Only grass roots honest hearted and humanitarian orderly and morally valuable behavior can save us now. And that takes being honest! You cannot Politically Correctly lie your way to Peace on Earth!! That's a fact. Get the Fugs. It will help you put something meaningful together for your young selves, and for some of you creaking old pundits, too! Enjoy!


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