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Telemann´s Sonata F Minor 1st Movement

Artist The Classic-UpToDate Orchestra
Title Telemann´s Sonata F Minor 1st Movement
Release Date Saturday, January 10, 2015
Genre Pop > Pop
Copyright © Glen Focus

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The Classic-UpToDate Orchestra. Classical music with a modern edge.

„Classic-UpToDate“ is an idea with a very special musical character.In contrast to the usual "crossover" experiments in the border area between pop and classical music, which are often approached from a more symphonic angle, the creators Glen Focus and Ric van der Star of „Classic-UpToDate“ have decided to take a less conventional route.The result is an extensive portfolio of the most famous, beautiful and best quality classical music melodies, divided into the three categories "for Experts", "Hits & Pop" and "Relax Music" and presented as a highly varied and always appropriate selection of pop tunes.Why „Classic-UpToDate“?In addition to wanting to present their beloved classical music in new, modern way, the artists were also interested in making the kind of music that they love, know and appreciate, and which they have been involved with all their lives, more accessible to listeners who have developed a rather more distant relationship with classical music, or who just haven’t developed a relationship with it at all.This mix of classical and pop music will surely go a long way towards achieving that aim!


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