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Artist The Alistair Goodwin Band
Title Breathe
Release Date 2006-06-03
Genre Folk > British Folk
Copyright © Reel Sound Music

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Re-release of "The Alistair Goodwin Band" - Breathe EP

"It’s difficult to know where to start. Perhaps I should begin by saying that it took me no time whatsoever to see where all the excitement about this act has come from. Alistair’s guitar work is impeccable and his vocal melodies are both controlled and powerful. Add to this the outstanding Bass work of Nigel Davies-Patrick and the unlikely electric Cello of Nigel Rippon and you have one of the biggest sounds ever to come from what is basically an acoustic act. When they are joined on stage by percussionist Paul Booth on Cajon (an instrument that looks like a wooden box and sounds like a drum kit) all musical hell seems to break loose. They are simply jaw-hangingly, gob-smackingly good. Understand that no usual words can describe them." - Venue Magazine "When we hear one good musician truly bouncing off another good musician, the result is unmistakeable. It might be around a camp fire, or in a concert hall or even in the Caverns below the streets of Liverpool, but at that moment, when music is live, when music is being created, that's when music is really happening and there's no doubt in us at those times as to what we're really hearing. No industry can capture it. No tribute can recreate it." - Alistair Goodwin, Kings Theatre Interview

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