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Artist Temponauta
Title 155.521.981.589.103
Release Date 2009-10-01
Genre Electronic > Techno > Dub Techno
Copyright © Nika

Promotion Text

Temponauta understand music as a time travel

Temponauta understand music as a time travel (hence the name Temponauta time travellers - and the title of the record 155.521.981.589.103, the supposed age of the universe). Musical recordings freeze emotion and energy in time and space and so belong to the concept of relativity. Temponauta are trying to create a concept that would help them use musical energy and emotion to melt the ice, opening a passage and enabling “time travel”. Emotion in music is like a black hole, a powerful energy field around which “body & soul” rotate within their orbits. In the galaxy of music the intensity of rhythm and melody (and sound) attracts bodies (and souls) to each other or separates them. When the needle on a turntable travels in concentric circles from start to finish of the recorded memory, captive time loops allow one to relive the same feeling in parallel time and space, thus imitating the history of time. The moment the needle reaches the end of record it indicates both the end and the beginning of time. One can always put the needle at the start or at a random point so the travel through emotion and energy can be relived once again. Similarly one would always return to the starting point after space (time) travel, which would mean the end of time whereas in music the end is always a beginning. Temponauta are dj Bizzy (alias Damjan Bizilj) and dj Dojaja (alias Marjan Crnkovič). Both of them were around since the early days of Slovenian electronic and techno music. They started spinning in 1995 and in 1996 they joined the Absense team under the wing of their friend and collaborator Umek. Soon the three of them created a piercing techno alliance that was later renamed the Consumer Recreation team. Together they took Slovene clubs and discotheques by storm. They performed at all major techno parties and raves (Ambasada Gavioli, Space Night, Taotech, Consumer Recreation I & II)