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Artist Streetlight Symphony
Title Oz
Release Date 2012-08-13
Genre Electronic > House > Disco House
Copyright © Mirador Records

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Streetlight Symphony - Synths and electronics with soul

Since the formation of the band in 2009, Streetlight Symphony has gone from two guys making hip-hop beats on the side, to a four-piece dance music juggernaut spread across Melbourne and Adelaide. The driving dance beats and soaring vocals of Streetlight Symphony’s debut EP ‘2010 a Space Odyssey’ have earned them a lot of praise. Blogs and street press have jumped on board while performances, interviews and airplay on several South Australian radio stations paved the way for the EP title track to feature on the TV commercial for Adelaide based company Fringe Benefits. The last couple of years have also seen the Streetlight Symphony’s strength on the stage grow significantly with occasional DJ sets and acoustic performances alongside their blistering live shows. With the band now partly based in Melbourne and a handful of new music ready for release, chances are you will be hearing from this band soon. In the studio this time around, Streetlight Symphony attempted to capture something that resembled the energy and emotion of their live show. The result is the new single ‘Oz’, which will be officially released digitally on August 13 2012 and features remixes by Loot & Plunder, The BottleRockets and Capt and Cooked.


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03.08.2012 Upload streamable versions of single and remixes to Soundcloud + social music media for previews
03.08.2012 Begin circulating the single to selected blogs
01.08.2012 Circulate press release to Street Press magazines.
01.08.2012 Take out advertising in selected Street Press & Magazines
10.08.2012 Single launch show in Adelaide, Australia
01.08.2012 Book advertising space in selected Street Press and Magazines
12.08.2012 Single launch show in Melbourne, Australia to promote release
10.08.2012 Single launch show in Adelaide, Australia to promote release
06.08.2012 facebook ads to promote the Single launch shows
13.08.2012 Facebook ads to promote the release of the single
10.08.2012 Encourage remix artists to circulate the tracks to DJs they know to establish a presence in clubs
28.09.2012 Maintain presence in the market by performing Live shows and DJ sets at selected intervals
30.09.2012 Maintain promotion and market presence by regular performances and DJ sets by Streetlight Symphony