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O No

Artist Spectroman
Title O No
Release Date 2011-11-08
Genre Electronic > Techno > Schranz
Copyright © Spectrumglass Recordings

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Hard Techno Schranz By Spectroman

Dutch Schranz Right Here Right Now!! Download it!! Be Aware Of Underground Sounds!! You Wont Be Sorry!!!


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08.11.2011 Nieuw And Raw!Dutch Schranz
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21.01.2012 The term emerged in 1994 when Frankfurt-based DJ Chris Liebing and The Advent
22.01.2012 The next time he visited the shop, the owner had a selection of harder techno records filed under Schranz.
23.01.2012 "For me personally, since that day in 1994, Schranz is a description for various dark and distorted sounds in techno", Liebing said in 2002.
24.01.2012 To this day, speculation remains about the meaning of the word Schranz within the techno scene.
25.01.2012 Many believe it to simply imitate the sound of a crunchy low fidelity (lo-fi) percussion loop.
26.01.2012 For example, schranzen means to eat loudly and voraciously in German (and Dutch) slang and it is also a surname found predominantly in Austria.
27.01.2012 Meaningful speculations indicate that it was meant as a contraction of the two German nouns Schrei (scream) and Tanz (dance), i.e., Schr-anz.
28.01.2012 The original Schranz sound is a harder, uptempo (about 150 BPM) Techno style inspired by Detroit Techno with reduced melodic elements.
29.01.2012 Schranz often features just single synth stabs or atmospheric sweeps with an emphasis on percussion.
30.01.2012 A trademark of this style are heavily compressed and filtered loops, combined with Roland 909 kick drums, snares, and high hats. A prime example of this are Chris Liebing's records The real Schranz 1-3 and the Stigmata series by André Walter.
30.01.2012 Starting as a simple hard-techno sub-genre in 1998, Schranz evolved into a blend of hard and minimal techno sub-genres in 2002.
31.01.2012 Starting as a simple hard-techno sub-genre in 1998, Schranz evolved into a blend of hard and minimal techno sub-genres in 2002.