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Positive Segregation

Artist Soundgrifter
Title Positive Segregation
Release Date 2017-10-25
Genre Alternative > Alternative Pop
Copyright © AVS Audio
Country SWEDEN

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Soundgrifter releases debut album

Positive segregation is a hodgepodge of electro acoustic alternative pop with notes of world music, soul, hip hop, house and trance. The album name highlights a sarcasm behind the rarity of finding main stream music crossing or trying to cross the lines of unconventionality while yet remaining firmly within the blurred borders of mainstream. Featuring artists and musicians such as jazz guitarist Pierre Vidrik sprinkle a handful of fairy dust over meticulously organized productions, entwined with originally recorded samples of Madagascan birds and a drunk, Finnish guy. An interesting collection of carefully put together pieces of work.

Soundgrifter is a Stockholm- based project consisting of one band member, producer and audio engineer. Although the project was founded in 2014 Soundgrifter has been producing music for many years and so also acts as artist, musician, composer and songwriter all in one- but picks out featuring artists and musicians to highlight specific tracks. Xara, who has collaborated with amongst other DnB band "Large Amount Of Soul", is a frequent vocalist in the project.


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