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Artist Small Town Zeros Feat Travis E & Kap K
Title Scars
Release Date 2013-09-05
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Hip Hop
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Small Town Zeros

Small Town Zeros came from the future in a year that is completely irrelevant due to reasons of quantum string layer theory. While managing to constantly cycle throughout history in a mind-blowing frenzy of hip hop, rock, metal, funk, and dub step, STZ always stands for the zeros in all eras of society. Immaculately conceived from the wombs of zombies in the back of sex trucks, Babble inherited the unique lyrical perspective of those having risen from the underworld. This is balanced by his counterpart Blind-I, who was the son of a traveling evangelical preacher gypsy, later left for dead in the forest and raised by a pack of wild lesbians. Lesbians that later became zombies. Figure it out. Combine these two with the internet’s most prestigious frequency manipulators; Blue_NINE and Down-E, their hypnotic effect has been the subject of many interplanetary court cases. Blue_NINE is the very same man you will hear about being arrested for data smuggling in the year 2024. STZ cannot express enough how big of a deal this is going to be. Down-E was accidentally composed in Manhattan by a post-modern weapons guru in his high-rise laboratory. STZ does not recommend mixing chemicals while re-purposing frequencies.


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