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Forgotten Tapes - Anthology 1988-1994 CD1 - Forgotten Moods

Artist Slogan
Title Forgotten Tapes - Anthology 1988-1994 CD1 - Forgotten Moods
Release Date 2015-02-02
Genre Rock > Metal > Thrash Metal
Copyright © EDGE Records (HMR Music Kft.)

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Re-release of the Hungarian prog-thrash legends first demo

Special mixture of the psychedelic rock and thrash metal.The extant works from the first era of Slogan, the band—or rather, a creative community— and the unforgettable culture nights called SunClubs staged at the time by its members, are inseparable, form a coherent whole. The basis of this unity and its main binding force was yielded by a sense of community. Loving the public, quality publications honoring the audience, interactive concerts involving theatrical performances, inviting like-minded bands as guests, presenting the latest underground productions, thought-provoking screenings, profound stage discussions, the intelligent introduction of other performers, the unusual, moralizing lyrics of songs passing even for poems, the intentional blurring of artificial boundaries between musical styles and stereotypes, the exciting covers of hits, and the point-seeing/point-showing style parodies—all point in one direction. That is, to a screaming demand for bilateral and multilateral, active and honest communication; To the innate urge for expression of unselfish human beings who feel responsibility for their fellow men, their associates, and their community. Therefore, early Slogan songs are not just music. Listening to these compositions is just the beginning... Entering a positive emotion of bona fide, collective thinking...


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