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Ned Vü

Artist Sigi Mittermayr
Title Ned Vü
Release Date Friday, March 8, 2013
Genre Pop > Instrumental
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Guitar at it's Best! funky fingerstyle - ragtime - ballads - instrumentals.

Gitarrist Sigi Mittermayr, als Musiker Naturtalent ebenso wie langjähriger Bühnenprofi, bringt sein enormes Können am besten und liebsten im sogenannten FINGERSTYLE zum Ausdruck. Das musikalische Spektrum dabei reicht von „funky fingerstyle“ über Ragtime bis hin zu Balladen und ausdrucksvollen Instrumentalstücken. SOLO bedeutet bei Sigi keineswegs eintönig: er kompensiert die „fehlende“ Band ganz einfach, spielt mit erstaunlicher Leichtigkeit Melodie, Rhythmus, Bass und Drums auf seiner Gitarre, statt herkömmlichem Bass und Beat formen einzelne Töne, Melodien und knifflige Akkordverbindungen groovige, faszinierende Musikstücke. Sigi variiert Steelstring und Nylon, tanzt meisterhaft über die Saiten oder vermittelt auf seinem Instrument tiefe Emotionen. Listening to Sigi Mittermayr’s fantastic guitar playing, you will evidently consider him a great talent and a natural, but also feel his background as a longstanding music professional on and off stage. In the course of many years as a guitarist, Sigi has adopted fingerstyle as his favourite means of expressing himself – with a wide musical range including pop, funk, ragtime, ballads and his very own profound compositions. SOLO, of course, never means monotonous or boring - compensating for a whole band, if necessary, Sigi plays melodious tunes, rhythm, bass and drums on his guitar with an astonishing ease and more than often simultaneously; instead of conventional bass and beat combinations single notes, melodies and tricky chord variations are used to form groovy, fascinating musical pieces. Varying steel and nylon, Sigi dances over his strings in a masterly manner and evokes deep emotions. Influenced by guitar giants like Michael Hedges, Tommy Emmanuel or Dominic Miller, which Sigi wouldn’t want to deny, he has long since developed his very own powerful and melodious way of playing and has truly become an exceptional musician with a unique style.

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