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The World we Created

Artist Shane Taylor
Title The World we Created
Release Date 2011-02-02
Genre Alternative > Singer-Songwriter
Copyright © Shane Taylor

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Indie Songs from the Heart of New Zealand!

Singer, composer and guitarist Shane Taylor has been performing and writing since age 13. Playing professionally at 15 in Whangarei, New Zealand, he recorded his first 9 originals in 1980 followed by albums in 1986, 1990. His last album “Take me Back” produced by Nigel Stone at Marmalade Studio’s in 1992 featured his topical track “ Nuclear Free” receiving moderate NZ airplay. After travelling and performing extensively in NZ he headed to Europe in the 90’s to play his music. Returning home to Auckland he later settled in Te Aroha in 2003, has since built a recording studio and has been steadily writing and recording. You will sometimes catch him performing solo in small cafes. This album is a lovely collection of more original songs, working on his own all instruments are played by him. He has a love for acoustic guitars and you will hear the rich harmonics and overtones he achieves by over laying chords to accompany his lyrical meaningful tunes. He writes about local topics and people close to him. Influenced by a wide variety of styles his passion lies with the great singer songwriters of the 70’s, this you will hear in his songs. Below Shane shares an insight into his lyrics Mountain Loves You Mount Te Aroha, a towering 1000m green natural back drop only meters from my home. You can feel the energy radiating from the Mountain of love. Just Wanna Know Her in memory of my mum, Lorraine Taylor who passed away when I was 12 yrs old. You don’t realise how little you know about your parents until you are older yourself, what did she love, think and laugh about. The World we Created Radio news driving home one evening...1st verse about the terrible killing of the K twins, 2nd verse the painful decision of a son and his dying mother, 3rd verse the sudden death of Mahinarangi Tocker. Martha Pit The effects of the Waihi open pit mine on some local residents. Round and Round is the daily feeling of not saying or displaying your emotions, you’re not proud. Now Inspired by a phone call from a friend Sarah about feeling good about who you are and what you have. She’s the One is for Danielle and her love for the Mt Te Aroha. She grew up here moved away and came back. Rather be is tongue in cheek about your mortgage and the daily grid. Too Close to falling I witnessed a man fall to his death on a building site starting out his normal day. One Day I’II be Bigger when Luca was about 4 months old looking up at me from the floor the chorus just popped in my head, looking thru his eyes. That I love You scribbled down with the 2008 Te Aroha storm raging outside, was it trying to tell me something. My Little Girl for my little girl lyla Rose, she never stops smiling. Recorded TeAroha 2008/9 all songs written by Shane Taylor All songs copyright NZ Apra. All rights reserved. Engineered and Produced by Shane Taylor


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