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Psychedelic Operations EP

Artist PsyOP
Title Psychedelic Operations EP
Release Date 2010-02-23
Genre Dance > Techno > Psy-Trance
Copyright © Psydonia Records

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PsyOP - Psychedelic Operations - Psy Of Perth

Psydonia Records presents the first release from PsyOP - Psychedelic Operations EP. PsyOP is a Psy-Trance project that came to life in mid 2003. Oliver Blazevic and Andrzej Borzyskowski came together as two passionate fans of Goa and Psychedelic Trance to produce and create. A unique sound formed straight away. The harmonies and hypnotic layers of sound that ruled the mid 90's trance scene are still present and influential in PsyOP's tracks, mixed with unique melodies and progressive arrangements. Aimed at giving new life to Psy, PsyOP are returning to the source and pushing it into the future. Every PsyOP track is a specially and carefully formulated journey for your mind, body and soul. Some tracks can be described as organic and tribal, others cybernetic - with every one of them being energetic, hypnotic and psychedelic. Psychedelic Operations EP is an amazing taster for the upcoming PsyOP album. 'Psychedelic Operations' was created as a tribute to the old-school sound of Goa and Psychedelic Trance. Returning to the source with a modern twist, this melodic journey will appeal to old and new fans of the genre. The two remixes by Oliver B are designed with today's full-on Psychedelic Trance scene in mind. 'WOF' is one of the more unique tracks from the upcoming album that is hard to categorise, showcasing versatility in composition and sound design. PsyOP is here!

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06.03.2010 Natural Habitat (DJ Set)
20.03.2010 So You Think You Can Trance (Live Set)