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The Live Session

Artist Phoenix Rising
Title The Live Session
Release Date 2011-07-04
Genre Rock > Rock > Hard Rock
Copyright © Rising Records

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Phoenix Rising's Live Session. The NWOBHM band now available for download

Phoenix Rising were a heavy rock band formed initially in 1980 by Pete Bangert (guitar), Jack Bunker (vocals), Chris Hamilton (bass) and Danny Spencer (drums). The formation of the band coincided with an underground resurgence of heavy rock which became known to pundits and journalists as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). However, that trend was not apparent until later and that was not the reason that Phoenix Rising was formed. Like a number of other musicians at that time, the guys were fed up with the commercialised punk, new wave and romantic music that was all-pervasive. They were just a group of musicians who wanted to get back to the roots of British Rock and make their own contribution to the legacy. Phoenix Rising quickly became recognised for their unique material and approach and started to support many of the top acts of the time including the likes of Air Race, Bernie Torme, Marillion and Dr Feelgood / Wilco. They also performed in their own right in primary rock venues, festivals and university circuit in the UK. In early 1983, less than a year after the band had started live perfomances, Colin Slade the rock producer of Radio Hallam asked Phoenix Rising to go into the Radio Hallam studios to record a live performance session and be interviewed for special release on the Rock Show. The resulting music tracks are the content of this album. The session was broadcast subsequently both in whole and part by Colin, Dave Kilner and other DJ's on a number of occasions. Some of the tracks (most notably Phoenix Rising) featured in the all-time best rock roundup programs in successive years. Once the session was no longer available on radio it was digitised for release on CD, due to demand from the band's NWOBHM fans. This release features the original band line-up and is recorded early in the band's career. Whilst the performance is weakened for live radio, it demonstrates the power of their live material superbly. This album is a must for NWOBHM fans to add to their collection.


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