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Trace of Light

Artist Pax Romana
Title Trace of Light
Release Date 2015-01-13
Genre Rock > Rock > Prog Rock / Art Rock
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Finnish Prog-Rock heroes with comeback album between Genesis and Led Zeppelin

Pax Romana biography PAX ROMANA - a Finnish progressive rock band, was initially formed in early 70´s in a small village Sonkajärvi in Eastern Finland. Like many of the progressive rock bands at that time they were full of idealism and musical ambitions. The band was active for a couple of years, but due to lack of opportunities, members starting their studies etc, it just died out - or that's what everybody thought.In 2002 these same guys, now living their lives in different parts of Finland, met again with an idea of re-building the band for just a few gigs and having fun. Gigs were done and soon they realized, that much of what they stood for back in 70´s was still actual. They also realized that new songs and lyrics came out easily and the sound of PAX ROMANA - melodic, rough and relaxed rock sound - was re-vitalized, simplified and re-energized and still very much unique. So they decided to make an album. The result of that work is here - "Trace Of Light".Much has happened to the 15 year old guys as they have grown up, become fathers - having slowly become a bit humble to the facts of life. From all of this comes the spirit of PAX ROMANA - partly sad, partly philosophic but mostly joyful. Much of it can be found in these songs.This is what they are - PAX ROMANA - more living than ever with the rough melodic sound - proud of what they are - thankful of what they have been allowed to experience and happy to express that by their music. So, welcome to the musical world of PAX ROMANA. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as the band does!


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