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Ciudad y Arcilla

Artist Pachamanka
Title Ciudad y Arcilla
Release Date Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Genre Latin > General Latin

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Pachamanka Ciudad y Arcilla

CITY AND CLAY is the newest musical work of the band PACHAMANKA with the aim of presenting a big evolutionary step towards a mystic and universal fusion of Latin American folk music with modern elements and classical instruments, also known as “world music”, in other words, a wide concept of musical integration.It is a journey through rhythms and instruments, trying to reflect the continent's multicultural character: African influences in rhythms like CANDOMBE, FESTEJOS and SAYAS; indigenous elements with the ancestral sounds of ZAMPOÑAS, QUENAS, CHARANGOS and BOMBOS; and the European influence in harmonization and instruments like GUITAR, BASS, PIANO, ACCORDION and VIOLINS.With this work, we want to demonstrate, by integrating new and classical elements into our repertory, that the traditional music loses neither its essence nor its character; on the contrary, this is a legitimate and wonderful way of integrating and wandering on the MAGICAL PATHS OF MUSIC.


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