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Artist P.i.G.
Title P.i.G.
Release Date 2013-06-20
Genre Rock > Punk > Hardcore-Punk
Copyright © Nil By Mouth

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Where have you been all my life....

Noisy, Shouty Racket merchants from Teesside have a listen if you like loud noisy shouty music… Simple. Biography Welcome to the grunting squealing racket known as P.I.G. a band thrown together after a one off jam in an old disused garage. The inbred retards assembled on that gloomy wet night were Ian Williams (of Ardkore, Spasm Gang and Cage of Soul fame) he took care of bashing things, Porl Tattersall (Riot Act and TheAmazing Spacefrogs) he took care of twanging things Dave Gregory (Ardkore, Cage of Soul, Spasm Gang and The Amazing Spacefrogs) he twanged some more and last and definitely least was Mr Steve Hoggart ( Ardkore, Riot Act and The Amazing Spacefrogs) he took care of shouting and low twanging. A couple more rehearsals and there was enough material to do a gig, giging`s always a bonus it generally means theirs a bar near and some idiot will end up paying you to frighten off there punters sounds alright by me. So they descended on The Georgian Theatre in Stockton, as support to psychobilly faves The Hangmen. This was followed with gigs with noisy punksters Doug and pop metalers Dog Toffee. It was decided at this point that Steve should concentrate his efforts at shouting. He`s quite good at shouting as it happens, lots of people already been shouted at by him courtesy of Scottish and Newcastle Breweries. So for their first gig as a five piece gig they enlisted the help of Mr Mick Watson to twang low notes. He was that traumatised by the ordeal he moved to America. His replacement being Mr Andy Bentley (The magic Bastards, Barlow and The Screaming Mad) thrown right in the deep end as all bass players should be. As what happens with all bands. Andy goes and Andy comes… In walks Mister Good Trips…. First band Big Shock… The band build a fearsome reputation as a live band so decided to record their racket. This took place at Castlegate Studios in Stockton Production duties being shared by Steve and Knob twiddler extraordinaire Mr Mike Frankland. They demoed 8 songs in 6 hours 5 songs released on there debut C.D. Loads of Radio