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Green Fools (Grüne Kameraden)

Artist Olle_XXL
Title Green Fools (Grüne Kameraden)
Release Date 2009-04-25
Genre Rock > Rock > Blues Rock
Copyright © Olof Andrén
Country SWEDEN

Promotion Text

Green Fools - Play it loud and enjoy life - don't let the green fools bug you

Rock and heavy guitar - enjoy the latest product from Olle_XXL. You do not have to listen to the green propaganda - most of it is not related to the environment - they just want to own you... -----cut from the lyrics----------------------------------- Ch: Green fools - dancing in the sun/ Real men - whip them, make them cry and run They steal our words and make them stink/sustainable is no longer what you think it stands for girly stuff that they love to hear/nothing nuclear - that just gives them fear Green fools - Green fools OK the sun is not so very near/but still it's very very nuclear don't let us fertilize - cropping a good yield/ turn our world into a killing field Green fools - Green fools ------------------------------------- Have trust in Science - not in fools Also check out Great Tit & Grey Pussy - my best-selling album so far


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