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Idei lahesna

Artist Octex
Title Idei lahesna
Release Date 2014-05-08
Genre Electronic > Techno > Dub Techno
Copyright © Tehnika

Promotion Text

Welcome to Idei Lahesna, an abstract soundtrack to a modern city.

Artificial life forms oscillating through the streets, their shapes reflected in windows and dissolving in the fog. Trying to escape the rigid structure of the city only disturbed by the subliminal funky crackles of erosion. Welcome to Idei Lahesna, an abstract soundtrack to a modern city. Long awaited and highly praised by those in-the-know this poetic record is finally ready to see the light of the night.OCTEX (Organic Crackle & Tone EXperiments) aka Jernej Marusic, a 24 year-old from Ljubljana, is a quiet man; he doesn't use many words, but the few he does, although quietly spoken, are clear enough to convince enyone of his credibility. The same goes for his music. He has been experimenting with electronic sound and equipment since the second half of 90s, juggling his time between music, web design and studying. His varied taste in music has lead him to produce a lot of different electronic music, some already released, some in the phase of beta testing and some still in the phase of conceptualisation.Lately he's been focusing on his Octex project, fusing influences from Detroit and Berlin techno, dub and ambient with the flavours of the Ljubljana underground. The first Octex experiment was unleashed on the Elektrotehnika Slavenika compilation (2000), which later mutated into Tehnika 1, receiving great response in the audience. Among others Octex’s track was noticed and played by the legendary John Peel on BBC Radio 1. Idei Lahensa is his first full-length record.Occasionally Octex performs live, sometimes playing for up to 3 hours. Recently he has been experimenting with loop DJ-ing using laptop and FXs.S