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Der Gesang der Fliegen

Artist Obsidian Chamber
Title Der Gesang der Fliegen
Release Date 2010-11-15
Genre Rock > Metal > Black Metal
Copyright © Terrasound Records

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Stay tuned for the new unholy release. Hell awaits you!

Obsidian Chamber was brought to unholy life by Eerie and Berzerk after their previous band Asphyxia broke up in fall 2003. The musical tendency and style was obvious. It had to be Symphonic Black metal that contains many fast blast beat-parts but also classical and melodic elements. The name is based on Maya mythology. It describes a place in hell that is called “The camber of knifes”. This chamber is filled with obsidian blades for torturing and dissecting doomed souls. The band released their first Album called “The advent of plague” in 2007. In 2008 the only bandmember left was Eerie Eerie, now alone in managing Obsidian Chamber, composed new songs, and asked an old friend if he would do the vocals and lyrics on the new upcoming Obsidian Chamber Album. So stay tuned for the new unholy release. Hell awaits you!


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13.11.2010 Terrasound Festival / CD Präsentation
03.12.2010 Weltweiter Release über Twilight - Vertrieb