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Scream From The East

Artist Niburta
Title Scream From The East
Release Date 2012-10-08
Genre Rock > Metal > Folk Black Metal
Copyright © NAIL Records (HMR Music Kft.)

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Balkan folkmetalcore from Hungary

Extreme metal with balkan, bulgarian, macedonian, hungarian folk melodies and metalcore elements. First full album of the band. The name „Niburta” comes from the two-faced deity of the Scythian religion. „Niburta” was both the god of war, giving warriors the fury to charge fearlessly into battle, and the god of agriculture, providing bountyful harvest to it's followers. This bipolarity flows through the music of the band, combining the brutal sounds of modern metalcore with the catchy and mystical tunes of traditional instruments like bagpipes, violin, flutes, kobza, infused with the distinctive folklore of the balkans. Niburta plays concerts in the International Beltine Fest Tour 2012 in Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary.


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