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Blitzkrieg on Birmingham '77

Artist Motörhead
Title Blitzkrieg on Birmingham '77
Release Date 2018-09-08
Genre Rock > Metal > Heavy Metal
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Awesome live album with some of Motorhead's more obscure songs released in 1989

This was a great album that was released back in 1989, the receiver label out of the uk back then was re issuing a lot of the oi punk from the early 80s and a lot of the classic uk punk from the late 70s and early 80s, this was a great label and i felt this was an awesome lp sleeve at this time as back in 1989 not to much had been released by motorhead circa 1976/77, this was a great show of the rare FOUR pice line-up, rip lemmy

An awesome live album with some of Motorhead's more obscure songs and some cool cover songs, two of which (Motorhead & The Watcher) are by Hawkwind (Lemmy's previous band.) My favorite song here is Vibrator. This is possibly the most aggressive hard rock song I've ever heard. Listen to this song on a sound system with a subwoofer and you'll know what the title means! Sadly, the sound quality is not very good. If it was better, this album would get 5 stars.
As for the music, it's their original set-list and played as hard as ever. Lemmy is wittering on and it feels like a much more rough and ready performance than the spiky machine they were soon to become. But this is all good, the recording is not up to the standard of the earlier, similar What's Wordsworth/Iron Fist and the Hordes from Hell but the energy and attack is there.

Motorhead were often reviewed as a terrible act back in the early days but their energy and delivery garnered them a ragtag following that still keeps them going to this day. There are lot's of other live bootlegs of early Motorhead so if you get the chance, Blitzkreig on Birmingham is a good one to pick up, in whatever form you find it.
Line-up 1977:
Lemmy - bass, vocals; Fast EddieClarke - guitars; Phil Taylor - drums


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