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Artist moonbooter
Title Cosmosonic
Release Date 2017-12-30
Genre Electronic > Dance > Ambient
Copyright © MellowJet-Records

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moonbooter - Finest Electronic Music from Germany

Cosmosonic is already moonbooter‘s sixth Cosmo-album. Always, the Cosmo-series has been composed specially for planetaria without following the cliche of monotonous space music. Likewise with his 2018th album „Cosmosonic“. This album is dominated by modern strains with a vintage touch. But also the piano, guitar, chants and choirs are in the focus of moonbooter’s creation. „The gloomy vocals in the last track „Follow me“ are my own voice which I process until they became part of the big picture.“ Cosmosonic consists of 12 sings which merge at meaningful parts. „Some songs demand a pause which the listener should get.“
Though, the native Eifeler synthesiast emphasizes, that no sound off the rack are used: „All carrying strains on my new album are programmed manually. Almost only real synthesizers have been used. The computer only assisted for recording, mixing and composition. So, each sound has its unique touch.“ Listeners will recognize this instantly. Everything fits harmonically. There are no disturbing contrasts. Cosmosonic sounds gently and at the same time powerful and absolutely dynamic. HiFi-lovers will again be excited by moonbooter’s sound, as the album is also available as uncompressed, original studio sound of 48 kHz and 24 bit.
Moreover, two guest musicians appear on the album: the australian guitarist Alex Bellwood is responsible for the guitars in two tracks, already known for his hawaiian sounding guitar soli from past moonbooter albums. The german drummer Gérôme Losch supported the song „Cosmic Thunder“, an homage to Krautrock, with his percussions. „This guarantees an additional inspiration and fun during the production process and the result is even more diversified.“
Many songs on Cosmosonic are clearly danceable, on purpose! „When people sit in their armchair enjoying my music and move their feet confidently from time to time, that’s what I am aiming at.“ Melancholia, euophoria, relaxation, fun, demand, desire, take wing and absolute freedom are only words, but which are the best description for the album. Maybe you can complete the list!
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03.03.2018 Live at LWL Münster, germany
03.03.2018 Live at Planetarium LWL, Münster, Germany