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Sunrise (Sonnenaufgang)

Artist Modis Chrisha
Title Sunrise (Sonnenaufgang)
Release Date Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Genre Dance > House > Electro House
Copyright © Modis

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Sunrise (Sonnenaufgang) - electronic dance music

Sunrise is a melodic, electronic, easy to listen to dance song. Typical Modis Chrisha, dry, clean with massive sounds. What is the story/meaning of the song: A person alone the desert, who experienced a tough night and is happy to see the "Sunrise" again The Album Story of „Lost in the Desert“: “Lost in the Desert” is a concept album which explores the emotions aroused on finding yourself alone in the desert It describes in Chrisha’s hallmark musical style the initial thrill and wonder at the vast meditative silence of the dunes, the onset of fear and worry as darkness sets in and the air temperature suddenly drops, and the return of calm serenity as the sun rises again the following day. Modis Chrisha, a composer for orchestral and electronic music, created an interesting piece of music.


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