Beethoven - Violin Sonatas - Volume 1

Artist Milan Pala / Ladislav Fanzowitz
Title Beethoven - Violin Sonatas - Volume 1
Release Date Thursday, December 17, 2015
Genre Classical > Concertos

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Beethoven's violin sonatas - Volume 1

First-ever recording of Beethoven's violin sonatas ten performed by Slovak artists. Milan Pala and Ladislav Fanzowitz ensure high quality interpretation. Recorded digitaly at the Sál Milosrdných bratří Brno, 2015 • Recording, Mastering (24 bit/192 kHz), Production and Distribution: PAVLÍK RECORDS • Music Director: Milan Pala, Ladislav Fanzowitz • Sound Director: Rostislav Pavlík • Photo: © Julian Veverica • Graphic Design: © Julian VevericaBy buying this CD you get the chance to download free version of this recording in higher quality (5 channel stereo version in FLAC format). Informations on:


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