Baby Sleep 3

Artist medKlang
Title Baby Sleep 3
Release Date Monday, June 4, 2018
Genre Children's Music > Lullabies
Copyright © medKlang

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Baby Sleep 3

Baby Sleep 3 is the third installment of our acclaimed 3 Phase Baby Sleep Music.

Conventional sleep music is static and does not adapt to your state of awareness. But if music remains constant, it will soon become too loud and too intrusive, which hinders the sensitive process of falling asleep. 3-Phase Sleeping Music is dynamic. The composition runs through three phases and dynamically adapts to your state of mind. Melodic complexity, tempo, pitch and amplitude gradually decrease in their intensities over the course of the 20 minutes long composition. This arrangement assures the perfect alignment between the music and your state of awareness and will help you fall asleep quickly.

Phase 1 starts with the introduction of a dreamy melody. Your attention will be drawn to the music instead of your daily concerns. The tempo is adjusted to the average heartbeat of a human being. After about 8 minutes the chord progression and melody starts to simplify. The tempo slows down and we transition to Phase 2.

In Phase 2, the musical chord progression is minimal. The tempo slows down further to align with the more relaxed state of your mind. The melody simplifies and plays repetitive. As a consequence, your brain will know exactly which note to expect next. This constant fulfilment of your musical expectations relieves stress and accelerates the process of falling asleep.

In Phase 3 nothing should draw back your attention. All musical elements are reduced to a minimum. A soft atmosphere is slowly pulsating to the beat of your heart. In this phase, the entire composition fades out very slowly because any abrupt change would draw back your attention and wake you up. The music fades into complete silence and you can sleep peacefully.


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