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"Ask the Sky, to set a limit!".

Artist Mc Schoolyard Master.
Title "Ask the Sky, to set a limit!".
Release Date 2013-07-31
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Pop-Rap
Copyright © Modern Music & Entertainment c/o Rebeat Digital

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Mc Schoolyard Master:"I do not preach, even if said to do so, by new a example."

"Take a good look at the music from the Major companies; what I am saying is not news, but you will find that your spirits are borne down by the repetition and monotony. Make up your mind to listen to something exciting that suits your feelings and not to dictates of cash profit." say the music producer living in Germany."This is news that nothing can make go stale!" he adds. Mc Schoolyard Master quotes:"There is no way to find out the secret of music. Simply, because the music is a secret by itself. The only purpose of all these attempts and all what we are saying... is the catch, or a new idea for general development. How to get inspired, how to get motivated to do it? Even when it seems impossible, nothing is too incredible to give up without try."Quelle: This time around in 2013, Mc Schoolyard Master releases independently in cooperation with the Rebeat Platform. It is music, before being urban genre and or even hip hop. "In this era," he claims:" as the public governance seems to misplace priorities even surrounding privacy policies, musicians rights and their ensuing struggle to survive as artists equals almost the harshness of those famous cock-fights in Bangkok!" "Without intending to entice the listeners with leading statements, discover for yourself, some unique music, rare for these casual times we live in and train your music taste with and for the ability to spot the difference in future." he says. "To other artists, I cannot repeat the following as often as it should be; do not give up without trying or having tried at first!" Last but not the least, to my Fans in Deutschland & Österreich, sowie im gesamten Deutsch-sprachigen Raum:"Meine Musik, wie Bargeld behandeln!" says Mc Schoolyard Master."I already encountered you on my way, right down the line; so now step accordingly out of the way, or just abide by my upward mobility!"


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