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Up On A Hill

Artist Martin Meixner
Title Up On A Hill
Release Date 2016-09-21
Genre Pop > Instrumental
Copyright © meiXmusic productions

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The Sound Of Joy

Martin Meixner, born 1981 in Ulm, is a keyboard player - Piano, Wurlitzer and Hammond organ are, according to the musician, three completely different things that make the overall sound far more interesting, multi-facetted and vital. And maybe that is one of the reasons why he can tell much more without using any words than other artists, trying to explain themselves with words filling several pages.„Up On A Hill“, Martin Meixner’s first solo album, is a declaration of love: to life, to good music, to basically everything, that includes keys, to keep going, to his girlfriend and to the musician himself.“Joy” is the main topic of this stunning love story that has been put together on a record. But just as every true love story, happiness, as well as pain, hope, rising and falling, arriving, letting go and being brave are also part of the journey. Some parts are groovy, some quote previous ones, some are sexy and some of them wonderfully melancholic.To climb a mountain with luggage that gets lighter and lighter the higher you climb, to look back deep down into the valley, filled with happiness and the passion to keep going – that is what Martin Meixner achieved and turned into 11 wonderful songs that make you feel better, happier, just by listening to them. No matter how good you might have felt before, turning up the volume, the music takes effect immediately.And that is also, how the love story of a musician, a musician that can not be fitted (luckily!) into any category, finds a happy ending. One that is even more beautiful, because it is believable, honest and virtuoso. It sounds like the beginning of something beautiful, like a promise.


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24.09.2016 Martin Meixner / Album Release / KARLSRUHE Kulturverein Tempel / 20:00 Uhr
25.09.2016 Martin Meixner / Album Release / STEINHILBEN Whitefir Studio / 18:00 Uhr
23.09.2016 Martin Meixner / Album Release / ULM Hudson Bar / 20:30 Uhr
22.09.2016 Martin Meixner / Album Release / STUTTGART Rosenau / 20:00 Uhr
21.09.2016 Martin Meixner / Album Release / MANNHEIM Laboratorio 17 / 20:00 Uhr