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Butterflies Over The Volcano

Artist Lonely Men In Bars
Title Butterflies Over The Volcano
Release Date 2018-11-09
Genre Rock > Rock > Progressive Rock
Copyright © Silent Arrows
Country NORWAY

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Butterflies Over The Volcano

4 small children play in a field. One has a wooden sword, the other a makeshift bow, the large boy a hammer and the 4th sits quietly reading her book. Smiling, playing laughing it's a perfect vision of childhood.... An old man passes though the field and waves to the kids. They wave back... and he's gone.

An Unlikey Meeting:
After many years the dancers are assembled, called to the tavern by Erica after a strange dream/premonition. The dancers have not seen one another for some time. All raised in the same village, the left at young age to pursue glory and adventure. Thomas to the city as a guardian of the peace, Thor as a wildsman in the North living from the land and mining into the caverns. Alisse found solace in the trees and joined a group of honourable thieves (rob from the rich give to the poor). Only Erica stayed behind to research through the old tomes and spellbooks left by her grandfather.

The dancers got their name from the baudy tavern days of old, when after many ales and wine they would crash across the pub floor, dancing on tables to the sounds of the band in the tavern.

It's good to see one another, and although sceptical of Erica's vision - they agree to the quest, for no other reason than fun and nostalgic companionship. Erica's vision would have them head North. And so the quest begins...


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