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Artist Lily@theFields
Title Concrete
Release Date 2011-03-30
Genre Rock > Rock > Alternative Rock
Copyright © Lily@theFields

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First single of the Austrian Newcomer Band Lily@theFields

Every street is full with concrete every wall is made of steel purposeless built in the arms of nature that will once show its strength and it will be no one's fault 'cause we're all a kind of, human, human When the light starts to fade away growing darkness without stars t'appreciate and one day we'll have to explain what night does mean Stay... safe inside your arms though the praised concrete is crashing down due to an earthquake despite nature's headshake they laud their world of concrete Growing faster higher wider it never seems to have an end no blade of gras trampled down overlooked and sealed faster higher wider it never seems to have an end and one day we'll get burried in defeat beneath our world of concrete


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10.06.2011 Freiraum Sankt Pölten