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Elasticbitch Vol. II

Artist Laiv3
Title Elasticbitch Vol. II
Release Date 2009-06-13
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > West Coast
Copyright © 5 a.m. Deep Records

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LAIV3 (pronounced 'LIVE')-- Hip Hop is a cultural phenomenon without boundaries.

Bay Area Hip Hop vocal artist, Laiv3 was raised in the Hip Hop culture. His rap evokes his own personality: masculine and direct, based in reality with a sense of hypocrisy. His Hip Hop experience transcends music, it is a lifestyle he lives everyday. Laiv3 developed his style by keeping his ear to the streets, and performing in a number of venues from the East Coast to Canada as well as the Pacific Northwest, finally returning back home to California. In Oakland, Laiv3 has been working with 5am Deep Records and began his collaboration with musician Steve Walker and engineer Robert Ledesma, Founders of 5am Deep. Laiv3 has defined his own unique musical fingerprint that can reach a broad audience. Together with 5am Deep, Laiv3 is the new International Sound of the Bay. As a lyricist, there is no topic that Laiv3 can't handle, often exposing the hypocrisy that surrounds us all. Through this dissonance, he finds music and brings his own Emcee style: Powerful, Melodic, and Purposeful. Laiv3 continues to evolve his talent, learn, and grow musically. Through his voice and inspiration, Laiv3 is destined to influence and leave his mark on EMCEEs throughout HipHop History.

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