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We bring it

Artist Kiki Bonanza
Title We bring it
Release Date 2019-01-30
Genre Dance > House > Electronica

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Kiki Bonanza

Kiki Bonaza - We Bring It
In the fall of 2016 two close friends teamed up to make music together. They call themselves: KIKI BONANZA.
One of them has been making electronic music since her early teens, either on drum machine or using software. The other one is an Aruban singer who comes from a musically talented family.
A match made in heaven; Rotterdam southside ruffness combined with sweet Aruban delight.
Both have a broad taste in music and like to experiment with different genres and creating crazy beats free from inhibition. The same can be told about their lyrics. These are usually written in 4 different languages: Papiamento, Dutch, English or Spanish...anything is possible with these two. With their ‘Si bo no gusta bo ta laga’ attitude, this beat-making/singing/rapping/adrenaline raising duo will undoubtedly make for a crazy live performance.

Wanting their identity to remain anonymous on stage, they wear masks while performing. The handmade masks, appart of hiding their identity, are also part of the allure of their live performances.

In 2017 they start doing live shows in different venues in Rotterdam and The Hague. During these live performances they present the many genres they have experimented with. From hip hop to Gabba and from old skool house to reggaeton there is one similarity: it is hard to sit still when these two are on stage.In october that same year, the city of Rotterdam concurs and KIKI BONANZA is selected to participate in the finals of ; ‘De grote prijs van Rotterdam’ (category: Electronics). Creating a track with an live audience within 60 minutes was no problem for these two ladies.

This duo keeps on performing by doing live shows. They enjoy getting creative and making music together.Their live performances are often described by others as ‘the highlight of the evening’.

Now, being signed with a Rotterdam based label their mission is to release their tracks and music videos. Keeping their rawness intact, while conquering the world is their ultimate goal ;)


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