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Kausalya Manjeshwar

Artist Kausalya Manjeshwar
Title Kausalya Manjeshwar
Release Date 2012-11-10
Genre World > Hindustani Classical Vocal
Copyright © Kausalya Manjeshwar
Country INDIA

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Kausalya Manjeshwar

Kausalya Manjeshwar, senior disciple of the respected Jaipur-Atrauli gharana vocalist Mogubai Kurdikar, belongs to this section of amateur women performers who learnt music for the sheer love of the art. Despite her initial reticence, Underscore Records Pvt. Ltd. feels privileged to have been able to convince Kausalya Manjeshwar to share her music with listeners through this album. Her contribution to Indian music is doubly significant, as she played a key role in helping change audition regulations for All India Radio in the 1950s and laying down a policy that was more acceptable to musicians. Unfortunately, most musicians do not know the intense struggle that was involved in procuring this change and Underscore Records wishes to acknowledge through this release its respect for the rare qualities of fortitude and leadership displayed by Kausalya Manjeshwar in this struggle.


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