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Flava Flav Smoked My Hamster EP

Artist Junior Lazarou & Ziggy Gee
Title Flava Flav Smoked My Hamster EP
Release Date 2011-07-31
Genre Dance > House > Electro House
Copyright © Booty Shake Records

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Flava Flav Smoked My Hamster EP.

BSR: 023 Junior Lazarou "I Hate Pac-Man" Crunchy electro house, with plenty of glitches, vocal stutters, hi-hats, claps and not forgetting the 4x4 kick drum. Add a little 80's arcade sound FX, a dash of P-funk synthesizer and a chubby little wobbler of a bassline that moves like a fat kid on his way to the pie shop, and there we have, it "I Hate Pac-Man". I always thought Asteroids was crap as well, although, I did enjoy a game of Space Invaders. I remember spending all of my holiday money on it at the arcades down in Scarborough, when I was a kid. We were there for two weeks, but I managed to spend all my money in the first two days on Space Invaders & milkshakes, I was gutted when I realised I had no money left. BSR: 024 Ziggy Gee "Roc Kth Ere Se !!T" This track has a severe speech impediment which was causing it distress, and it also appeared to be leading to depression, so we took it to a speech therapist, but that didn't seem to work, and it cost a small fortune. We then decided, after hour upon hour of discussions and countless meetings to take it to a rave instead, and that seemed to do the trick. It loved it, it had great time, and it also made lots & lots of new friends. We were thrilled to see it happy again. We even got the bassline so drunk it was sick all down the kick drums back, Lol.


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27.08.2011 DISUKO @ The SoundHaus, Glasgow,with Booty Shake DJ's & Guests