Artist Joachim Raffel
Title Reworks
Release Date Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Genre Dance > House > Electronica
Copyright © Samplepark Records

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Dance Truly (Joachim Raffel) reworked by Arne Bense and Björn Schoepke

We are glad to announce that the incredible track "Dance Truly" performed by Joachim Raffel and many others is now available in a remixed version. The release includes a Remix Version by Arne Bense and one by Björn Schoepke. Both remixes hold the true spirit of "Dance Truly" but try to transform the intimate meditative "Dance Truly" to a groovy dance-track. Available on Samplepark Records

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    Dance Truly Reworked by Björn Schoepke (Joachim Raffel)