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I Won't Turn Away

Artist ItsRedge
Title I Won't Turn Away
Release Date 2010-06-22
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Hip Hop
Copyright © RoughMecca

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The change is here, theres no more room for Gangsta Music

Still I Wont Turn Away is the song that represents the epitome of "Survivor". It’s the rhythmic song of the soul like "We Shall Overcome". Still I Wont Turn Away expresses a strength and determination to make a change in the world, the way of the world we experience daily. This song is on the edge of the leading problems existing today, from frontlines of ignorance, to the killing of innocence. Still I Wont Turn Away profoundly says "In the face of these adverse scenarios, I can’t ignore the hurt of the people", it not only moves you from its rhythmic beat, but its delivers the message from the skillful, lyrical flow. ItsRedge is one of the best creative talents and artist to deliver a message of hope, strength, and survival for our world today.

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