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Die Trying

Artist Inner Mayhem
Title Die Trying
Release Date Saturday, April 10, 2010
Genre Alternative > Alternative Metal
Copyright © 2010 Inner Mayhem

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Die Trying

In a surreal time, in a surreal city we are facing an uncompromising scenery bare of living colours and childish hopes, ugly, plain and straight-forward to the point of twisted. Thrown into it puppets are moving to a relentless melody, that is slowly forcing them towards the abyss and beyond. We will capture five of them and take a closer look, tear them apart, study and explore their lives and innermost thoughts focusing on the following questions: how far can one go before reason calls it a day? How does one pass for normal? And is being normal really a common feature or just a desperate struggle in order to make frenzy look socially acceptable? The album “Die Trying” offers no answers to those questions. But maybe a little hope to some of you, are not alone out there... Dominatrix "TerryLee" is living on and for the suffering of others. Yet, her interest in torture goes far beyond the financial aspect, a fact that her Johns often realize too late. Driven by morbid curiosity as to how much pain the human body and mind can endure and yearning to know what happens when the spark of life extinguishes in a human being, she's giving free reign to her vicious nature, just like a BLACK WIDOW... "Benji" is controlled by his voices and completely unable to come to terms with reality. His imaginary buddy Jordan, a malevolent hallucination, pretends to offer advice, but secretly follows his own hidden agenda. And when JORDAN COMES TO PLAY chaos will unwind. Simon "The Bullet" Petrosa hates people. All people alike. Relief he only finds in meticulously decreasing their number and whether he's doing it at a price or just for the fun of it, doesn't make much difference to him. He ain't choosey, he simply likes to SHOOT THEM UP. "Toby Famous" shows an unhealthy appetite for chemical substances. His lust for mind-enhancing experiences drives him beyond all limits, until one day when his mind returns to his body, something sticks to it, something persistent and weird that's slowly taking control of his whole being. Torn between agony and awful fascination he's desperately struggling to maintain at least a few pieces of his former life. A real challenge... if you're dealing with a SPLITBRAIN... Thomas Joseph Williams, aka "Teejay" is living his life in the fast lane. But he ain't fast enough and so he's repeatedly overtaken by his spending and forced to find ever new ways of making big bucks in no time. Drawn into a vicious circle of pleasure and crime and entirely unaware that he's sliding downhill fast, he's only thinking about one thing: having fun, and better make it HIGH 5! “Die Trying” is a weird piece of work fusing looming screams and melodic parts with booming drums and crushing guitar sounds to fabricate a record brimming with energy and catchy tunes. The provoking blend of darkness and light surfacing in tracks like "Point the Blame” persistently puts you to the touch. And this is precisely what you need, because one thing is for damn sure: we are all freaks one way or the other. You may deny it, you may hide, you may pretend, you may lie to yourselves and every one else, but in the end when you’re alone in the dark all by yourself and there’s nowhere to run, the freak part of your mind starts talking to you. Come on, guys, you know pretty damn well what I am talking about. You can probably feel it stir deep inside right now, as you’re reading along. You may have been taught to think of it as a bad thing. You have no idea what you’re missing. There’s so much more to you than meets the eye, yet so very few make it to the point where they truly get to know themselves. Because you have to take a closer look. Because you may not like what you’ll find. Because you have to make a decision that may change your comfortable lives forever. Being a freak is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Living a lie is. Anyway, it’s up to you now. So, get involved and find out what kind of person you really are…or DIE TRYING!

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