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Artist Hadean
Title Parasite
Release Date 2010-09-14
Genre Rock > Metal > Power Metal
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HADEAN - Parasite

Harken… and enter the world of HADEAN… On 'Parasite', HADEAN manage to blend both, traditional and most modern metal, with a glimpse of classical music- probably most audible on the cozy parts of the album. Piano, flute, classical guitars and even a gloomy string quartet effortlessly stand next to fast thrashing or groovy metal riffs, creating a wide margin for the lyrical, graphical and of course musical concept of 'Parasite'. While consisting of haunting melodies and intense arrangements, the tunes are shaped by impressive songwriting skills and technical prowess. This fundament is topped off with emotional vocals, brutal and strong or chanting at times, then again soft and seemingly vulnerable. ..'Parasite'.. marks the more than ambitious first album by Cologne’s HADEAN. It was produced and recorded in the bands den of creation, the Big Easy Studio, by engineer, studio owner and Hadean lead vocalist Michael Haas with guitarist/ vocalist Nicolao dos Santos. It got mastered by renowned producer and musician Waldemar Sorychta, who of course is well known for working with bands such as .. Tiamat, Samael, Unleashed, Moonspell, The Gathering, Therion, Lacuna Coil, Sentenced.. and more! 'Parastite' is released via Sleepcast Records and is available on iTunes, amazon and every major download portal, as well as it is available in stores soon. Hadean – Parasite (release date 08.10.2010) 01. Damnation 02. Earth 03. Proclamation (Clouds) 04. The Weeping Willow 05. The Prophecy (Of Our Perdition) 06. Perseverance (Jerusalem Pt.I) 07. Deception 08. Lethe 09. Melancholia Stream 10. Burning Eden

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