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Artist Gerhard Kero
Title Keromono
Release Date 2014-12-16
Genre World > Africa
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Solo Djembe

In the language of the Malinke, fo means basically "to speak". So we would translate djembe fo as "to play the djembe", although a literal translation would be "to speak the djembe". I rather like this way of expressing it; one implies that the player actually speaks through the instrument and – ideally – also has something to say.Gerhard Kero is just such a person. When he "speaks" djembe, he does it in a very clear and distinct way. Noisy superficiality and musical small-talk do not belong to his repertoire. He draws sounds out of his drum that can only arise from a long and passionate acquaintance with the instrument and, in doing so, he goes far beyond the realm of traditional performance practice. Even so, one can still sense his deep love for the percussion of the Malinke: again and again, he quotes traditional phrases, dances around them, transforms them, moves away from them and returns.The concept of this CD is as simple as it is demanding of the performer: Gerhard Kero just sat down and improvised. Alone with a djembe. This brought forth wonderful music – unpretentious, groovy and very danceable.

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