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Artist Freeze 4U
Release Date 2012-05-20
Genre Pop > Pop / Rock
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20.05.2012 CD Release at Club & Restaurant "Dr Thompson´s" Düsseldorf, Germany
21.05.2012 Hanix online Magazine
22.05.2012 TV, Radio, Print, online, Germany
24.05.2012 TV, Radio,Print, online Germany
26.05.2012 Persenting for "Alex Denada ClubMix" of Are you ready to party
26.05.2012 Radio Promotion, Single Mix
31.05.2012 radio, online report football game Leipzig, Germany
31.05.2012 Napoli, Italia Press conference Tour, Are you ready to party
31.05.2012 Radio, TV, Print, online, Napoli, Italia
31.05.2012 Radio, Print, online, Napoli, Italia
31.05.2012 online, radio, football game, German team, Leipzig Germany
01.06.2012 TV, Radio, Print, Napoli, Italia
02.06.2012 Radio, TV, Online " Are you ready to party Tour Italia, Napoli, Italia
03.06.2012 Radio, Print, Online , Napoli, Italia
03.06.2012 Concert Napoli,
04.06.2012 Interview, online, Italia
05.06.2012 Show at Amalfi Coast, Italia
05.06.2012 Studio and TV Shoot Napoli, Italia
07.06.2012 Print, online Germany
09.06.2012 Presenting "Are you ready to party, Germany" online
15.06.2012 Print Report Tour dates
01.06.2012 online Magazine
02.06.2012 Filmpresenting, Documentary of Jamaicatour , online, mailing
02.06.2012 Flyer, Poster Düsseldorf, Tour and Concert
03.06.2012 Poster, Flyer Concert Herne, germany
02.06.2012 Poster, Flyer for Düsseldorf Show
03.06.2012 Poster, Flyer for Herne Show, Germany
16.06.2012 Radio, Print, online, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Germany
19.06.2012 Print Report, Düsseldorf,
19.06.2012 Radio Interview, Düsseldorf, Germany
20.06.2012 Print, Cooperation with Radical Kitschon tour
20.06.2012 Radio Cologne with Radical Kitsch, Germany
22.06.2012 2 Concerts Düsseldorf, 2 p.m, 10 p.m.
23.06.2012 Concert Herne open air, Germany 3 p.m.
23.06.2012 Reports, Print, Online, Düsseldorf
24.06.2012 TV, Radio, Print, Online, Germany
24.06.2012 Poster, Flyer, online, Print of Tour at South Germany
28.06.2012 Radio, Print , online Promotiontour
30.06.2012 online advertisement South Germany Shows
21.07.2012 Concert, open air Heilbronn, Beach Party, TV
26.07.2012 Print, Poster, Flyer, for Düsseldorf open air
27.07.2012 Release of Song "Fashion"
31.07.2012 online, TV, for Fashion song
01.08.2012 Print, online "Are yu ready to party
03.08.2012 Promotion for open air Düsseldorf, Germany
02.07.2012 Print, Are you ready to Party, Germany
01.08.2012 Print, Online "Are you ready to Party"
01.09.2012 Concert, open air Düsseldorf, Germany
04.08.2012 Poster, Flyer, online Promotion for open air Festival
09.08.2012 Radio, Promotion of open air festival, Germany
24.08.2012 TV, Radio, Print, Promotion open air festival