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Artist Flirrt
Title Lajf
Release Date 2013-04-10
Genre Pop > Pop / Rock
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Flirrt captured beetween rimes on paper and music

Band Flirt was formed in 1996 which release first album »Frizerski salon« in 1997 which for the time beeing was modern brit sounding album. The second album »Modroplavo« 1998 was the first step in the mainstream pop and the song »Ko je ni« was the most airplayed song that year in Slovenia. After release od third album »Univerzum« 2000 the group become one of the most popular bands in Slovenia but inner disagreement in the band resulted in its end (2001) as frontman Rok Lunaček decieded to live the band. Band was reformed by Rok with the different name – Flirrt in 2009. David Stritar , Toni Habula, Toni Hazdovac and Tomaž Urgl joined the band and together released its fourth album »Horizont« 2010. Soon after release of that album Tomaž Urgl and Toni Hazdovac left the band. Borut Velušček and Peter Vdovč (member of original Flirrt) joined the band and the result of that is release of their fifth album LAJF (fonetic live). In their words »Album 'Lajf' (life) itself, is life captured beetween rimes on paper and music. Most subtile Flirrt album to date

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