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Artist Eshe Escoffery
Title Reazon
Release Date 2015-12-19
Genre Dance > Drum & Bass > Drum & Bass
Copyright © Eshe Escoffery

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Feel the Purple Vibrations from Eshe Escoffery and her Knu Kosmic Soul

Eshe Escoffery, a “Totally Spiritual & Diverse Soul Sister” Who exudes pure real talent and intellect… An “Afro-Centric Force” that is expressed with every word she utters… Eshe Escoffery’s got a vibe about her…She’s got real depth. Her music is thought provoking spiritually aware and conscious straight to the point with an overstanding that penetrates the psyche in such a way that you can but only pause, take stock, and truly deal with self, with a voice that’s rolled in pure gold expressing her purple vibrations. Listen up people!!!... This serious soul, sister, can really… Sang!! u know because you can hear the truth in her voice Listen and assess the quality of this…decide for yourself.Eshe has worked with some of UK’s finest and most respected soul royalty . Eshe Escoffery launched out of a collaboration established by the likes of people like Noel Mckoy, Don-e, Omar, Baaba Maal, Take 6, Vanessa Mae etc Eshe and the Escoffery Sisters busting out of the UK Soul scene at a time when black UK Soul artists were well respected…If you listen keenly… You can hear umbers of UK soul history and African rhythms of Real Soul, Neo Soul and African World History and Culture in her voice. Everything she does has a deep meaningful and proactive purpose to inform educate and impart her knowledge to the masses. Eshe Escoffery is really saying something current and now…Her present sunrise is being provoked by the injustice and political backdrop of today’s national international trials and tribulations of these times. Eshe Escoffery’s repertoire spans the lengths and breadth of several musical genres past and present. Working with British/UK based producers such as The Ethnic Boyz, Simon Templa, Groucho, and Pvibez.This sister delivers a faultless speechless volley of R&B, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Jazz and African rhythms all infused, that beckon you to ask many question’s simultaneously one after the other. When you have to ask yourself where did that sound come from… You know what time it is… No joke!!!... Straight Up No Chaser!!!!.. She’s Real!!!!!...Although it’s refreshing to look back at the class and respectability of the timeless sound of the Escoffery sisters and the Escoffery family legacy today. What Eshe Escoffery is presently working on is an added ingredient that can best be described as mixing it up and adding an extra smooth and interesting mixture of spices to the cooking pot. The soon to be released track debut single ‘Reazon’!!!... Is presently receiving critical acclaim on the underground and being dropped religiously nationally/internationally by DJ Patife (Sao Paulo - Brazil) – Bryan Gee- (Planet V Recording’s, Hugo Arena (New York & Sao Paulo – Brazil) &, Critycal Dub, Level II (Sao Paulo – Brazil), DJ Bailey Mental Heads & Eastman –, DJ Chris Intaface, DJ Devious D, DJ Virus Records. Marc Mac 4 Hero - Reinforced Records Thank you… RIEP Sandra Escoffery – 4 Hero Golden Age Old Life, LionDub – Brooklyn & Canada Toronto Koollondon), (New York), Marcus Visionary – (New York & Canada Toronto) DJ Bubbler, DJ Chef, DJ Upakut, Fatus Boyus, DJ Uno & MC Melo-D- (Nice Sounds Show), on the Multi-Award Winning Worldwide internet radio and longest running Jungle & Drum ‘n’ Bass station - Also DJ JBL Wizard B - and Mark Dean of Sonic 5’s Legendary DJ and Dance outfit) also playing on BBC Radio Northampton and and Eddie & Barney B of the Legendary Midland Soul Hip Hop and Dance Promotion (Pure X).Eshe Escoffery would like to give a maximum, big up and shout out to her producers Simon Templa, Groucho and Pvibez, also a maximum massive Big up to all DJ's for playing my music and supporters. Rights for this work to be used other than the one presented for any individual interest or promotion must be sanctioned by TUT Promotionans R 2001 KnuKosmicSoul.Contact 2001 ® T.U.T Promotions


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