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Greek Traditional Songs

Artist Dora Stratou
Title Greek Traditional Songs
Release Date Saturday, December 31, 2016
Genre World > Eastern Europe
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Unesco world heritage museum of Greek Dance ... more than just Sirtaki

Dora Stratou (Greek: Δόρα Στράτου; 1903–1988) was a significant
contributor to Greek Folk Dancing and Greek Folk Music. She issued one of the
largest series of folk music in the world with 50 records and is the founder of
the Greek Dances-Dora Stratou Society.Her parents Maria Koromila and Nikolaos
Stratos brought her up in the upper class urban environment of Athens at the
beginning of the twentieth century, along with her brother Andreas Stratos.Dora
Stratou wrote the book Greek Traditional Dances in 1979. It was printed by the
Greek Educational Books Organisation in Athens 1979. She worked with Simon
Karras and other ethnomusicologists. She maintained a record of traditions,
recorded music, filmed dancers, interviewed villagers on dance topics, costumes,
folklore, etc.In her book she begins with the quote: I write what my eyes have
seen, what went through my mind and what my soul fell in love with... Her true
passion for Greek Dance led her to establish one of the most unusual living
museums in the world, The Greek Dances Theatre in Athens. This theatre group
dances the regional dances in Greece, the same way as they were done hundreds of
years ago and the dancers still wear the authentic costumes of yesteryear. It is
one of the finest living museums in Greece and unique in the world.The Greek
Dances theater is nowadays a host for other folkloric groups both within Greece
and Internationally. The International Organisation of Folk Arts-Greece (UNESCO)
is also run from the main offices of the Dora Stratou.The theatre building is
right at the foot of the Acropolis, in Athen’s center.


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