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Artist Doomdubberz
Title Relieftime
Release Date 2016-11-04
Genre Electronic > Dance > Dub

Promotion Text

Dub vibe deficit detected!

Detailed analysis of the current musical structures on planet earth by outer space Duo DoomDubberz showed shocking results. Their lately developed audiometer VX77XV detected a massive terrestrian Dub vibe deficit. If no immediate counteractions are performed, final apocalypse is just a step ahead, according to both experts DD1 and DD2. Luckily Doomdubberz can restore a steady state system due to their fascinating and well tolerated broadband laid back instrumental tracks and feel good off-beat. Containing one tablespoon of pumping, hypnotizing basslines alongside 2 teaspoons of shiny guitar licks spiced up by ten teaspoons of funky organ chords. Played on high volume in your prefered sound environment, this will immediately create an epic and relaxing atmosphere that leads the audience directly into the musical journey of their lives. So press play, escape DoomsDay and bring a little sunshine into grey everydaylife.


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