crazy world - dream if you can

Artist Dimi Geidatzis
Title crazy world - dream if you can
Release Date Friday, January 2, 2015
Genre Alternative > Alternative Rock
Copyright © Dimitris Geidatzis

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crazy world - dream if you can

Dentist-turned producer Dimi Geidatzis, learnt to DJ in the 80's in East Germany. He would throw warehouse parties and "carnivals" for his fellow medical students - events that became very popular in his area. DJing was for long time music lover Dimi non only a release, it also helped fund his medical studies.
Dimi went on to open his own surgery and started a family but music was still a big part of himself, and he started feeling the frustration of not being able to fully pursue such avenue.
A tragic event in 2010 - the death of his father, forced Dimi to face the music, quite literally. He then started to make time, studying production, and starting to develop his craft.
A man keen on experimenting with sound, with diverse influences, Dimi, now based in Switzerland, has a lot to say in his songs and welcomes you to connect with him during his journey.

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